The Book Trade remains central to Quantum’s operations. We work closely with, and visit all of the major UK Trade, Academic and Scholarly chains as well as the independent sector. For example, we sell to galleries, museums, architecture, visual arts  and design specialists, radical and political bookshops, music shops, religious and Christian accounts, and natural history, sport and transport booksellers. Whatever the field of your publishing expertise, we know the booksellers that will want to stock your titles.

We make monthly calls to the UK wholesalers and head offices and are in constant and close contact with online, library, educational and specialist suppliers as well as non traditional outlets.

Our five representatives range far and wide across the country ensuring that every sales opportunity is identified and closed.

We can offer management  of your online reseller accounts. For our HE and academic clients we provide targeted consultative and comprehensive textbook adoption campaigns across all subject areas.
This includes visiting and contacting lecturers to close adoptions. We have a high success rate for closure of new adoptions and retention of rollovers.


We welcome short term and bespoke consulting work, whether on individual books, or in academic marketing of a cluster of titles to end users.