There is only one solution for US and Canadian publishers getting their books sold in the UK, and the team from Quantum is that solution. Over the last twelve years we have seen growth year after year, and it is a great pleasure working with a group that is accessible, responsive and totally professional.

Les Petriw, MD & International Sales Director, National Book Network

I have to say that every month that I review the Quantum sales, I am grateful that Jim dropped by the Berghahn Stand at Frankfurt 2013.

Rupert Jones-Parry, International Sales Director, Berghahn Books

Working with Quantum is a genuine pleasure. They consistently get the balance right- judging the product accurately, selling appropriately across the full range of outlets and providing genuinely useful feedback. We have seen consistent year-on-year growth in the market in a predictable way which is a testament to their knowledge, commitment and willingness to adapt.

Ken Rhodes, Former Managing Director, NBN International, Plymouth

Quantum have been successfully getting our books into UK bookshop accounts for the past six years. Over that time they’ve been able to meet the challenges thrown up by a new landscape, one not always immediately friendly to a small academic publisher, and still deliver for us continued year on year growth. The quality of their sales representation ensures that traditional bricks and mortar accounts remain as important as ever.

Steven Gerrard, Managing Director, Agenda Publishing

Quantum have represented Practical Pre-School Books since we acquired the list in 2006. Their team are very professional, and have a friendly, helpful manner. They give us regular feedback from the market, and always provide detailed information when we need it. They are a pleasure to work with.

Ben Allen CEO, Mark Allen Group, London